Harsha Behavioral Center is a free standing 36-bed hospital established in August 2008, and is a provider of inpatient psychiatric services focusing on children (3-12) and adolescent (13-17) patients in need of 24-hour care ranging from 7-15 days. The center provides acute inpatient services to individuals needing intensive behavioral healthcare treatment. The goal of the services provided is to evaluate and stabilize the patient such that effective treatment can continue on an outpatient basis in a less restrictive environment. Harsha Behavioral Center is independently owned and operated and is committed to providing the patients and families with compassion, care and excellence.

The word HARSHA originated around 1500 BC from the Sanskrit language and is translated as meaning joy and happiness, which we practice as our philosophy and culture.

Harsha Behavioral Center’s Mission
To provide quality behavioral healthcare services through the innovative and responsible use of resources and to promote wellness for the greater Wabash Valley.

Harsha Behavioral Center is Fully Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

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