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Harsha Behavioral Center is excited to announce that on Friday June 26th the purchase of the land to build its new acute care psychiatric hospital on Woodsmall Drive was finalized, after the land rezoning approval in May. Harsha will be building a state of the art hospital and increasing their size to better serve the community. The ground breaking of the new 50,000 square foot building is scheduled for August of 2015.

Harsha's Adolescent Dual Diagnosis Program

The Adolescent Dual Diagnosis Program is a modified therapeutic program designed specifically for those whose lives are impaired by a co-occurring mental illness. The program is a intensive cognitive behavioral, evidenced based best practice counseling and is separate from our regular inpatient programming. The adolescents are exposed to up to 2 hours each day of programming to specifically assist them to recover from the addiction and build social skills acceptable in society. Further, the adolescent works on peer and personal relationship skills to better assist in their recovery when released to their respective communities.

The Adolescent Dual Diagnosis Program is composed of three stages. The first stage is the pre-treatment/orientation stage. During this phase, adolescents are taught how to become active members of the program, and the counselors help them realize the toxic dangers of drugs and other substances and how addiction negatively affects their lives.

The second stage is the treatment stage. This is the therapeutic stage in which adolescents apply the knowledge they learned about addictions and relate it to their own lives. The Adolescent Dual Diagnosis Program helps adolescents to realize the damage drugs and alcohol has caused in their lives and understand how their viewpoints on life was altered by their addictions, such as how they stopped caring about things that were once important to them and that they were willing to go any length to chase their high. The adolescents are taught the skills and tools needed to become contributing members of society and to build a sober, positive lifestyle.

The final stage of the program is the re-entry stage. The adolescents continue therapeutic treatment while being educated on how to remain clean and sober. The program educates them about relapse triggers and how to prevent them. The ultimate goal of the program is to prevent relapse and hospitalization. They are informed where they can go for help and must agree to seek aid if they believe they may relapse into substance abuse. Participants are educated about counseling, support groups, and other community resources that are available to help facilitate prevention. Upon discharge, the patient will be provided with aftercare appointment for a therapist who can help continue their substance abuse treatment.

Harsha Cognitive Center, Autism Day Program

Dr. Paras Harshawat plans to open a continuum-of-care center for individuals with social and communication challenges, such as autism spectrum disorders.

The new facility will offer applied behavior analysis (ABA) center for individuals with neurobehavioral challenges.

A variety of services based on the scientifically proven, applied-behavior-analysis (ABA) approach will be available, including center-based treatment, home therapy and supervision, parent training, and school shadowing. In addition, other complimentary evidence-based services such as speech, occupational therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy will be available to enable families to get all of the support needed at a single location which would dramatically improve the future prospects for children with Autism.

These services expand Harsha’s legacy of helping some of the most challenged individuals in the region attain full and productive lives. Harsha currently operates Terre Haute’s premier acute care Mental Health hospital for children, youth and seniors. The clinical team is led by Paras Harshawat M.D., child and adolescent Psychiatrist. Planning for the development of the center is underway, with the opening to be scheduled as soon as possible.

Harsha Cognitive Center Expanding

HCC is excited to announce our expansion into the Evansville, IN area. We recently acquired Life Song Academy, a full service center that like HCC is committed to providing the highest quality of care. We are accepting new clients and diagnostic assessments are available.

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I appreciate everything that was done for my daughter. I could tell a big difference in her one my last visit. I believe coming here was the best thing that could have happened for her. She seems so much happier. Thanks to everyone!

– Parent of a patient


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